Anal Sex Techniques and Positions

We describe the most enjoyable anal sex techniques and show you the best anal sex positions. 

I suppose one of the fundamental questions about anal sex is why anybody would want to try it. Well, that's an interesting question, and it's one worth exploring, because it appears that anal play is becoming increasingly popular amongst heterosexuals. Of course one of the things that's actually necessary for safe anal sex is mutual consent; there's no point trying to pressure your partner into enjoying anal sex; and if you feel that you're being pressured into it, stop right there!

If however, you are willing to go ahead, and you're simply curious about how it may or may not work for you, one of the best approaches is to take a gradual approach, starting with exploration of the whole backside.

This is one of the least appreciated erogenous zones of the body, and even if you take your exploration no further, the sensual touches, massages, and other erotic joys that do not involve penetration can be profoundly pleasing to both men and women. In fact, it is a good way of discovering ways of giving a woman an orgasm easily.

If you feel that you want to go further, then obviously you can zero in on the anal opening: a tiny spot has thousands nerve endings ready to give you soft erotic pleasure. You've certainly experience pleasure like you've never have before, particularly with soft finger play and some modest penetration.

This is particularly true for men, where penetration gives access to the very sensitive prostate gland, which can be stimulated through the rectal wall. And of course the wildest and most adventurous level of anal sex pleasure is full penetration - that's what you'll need to know how to prepare, and position yourself, how to be safe, and how to get the biggest thrills for both partners.

Now, almost everybody who's contemplating anal pleasure has the same response if they haven't tried it before: "Oh shit!" Well, let's let loose and see where it takes us. The truth is, of course, that humans been enjoying anal play for as long as people have responded to their sex drive: so that would be just about for ever!

Now, if you are playing on the mild side, feces is of no concern at all. If you want to enjoy full penetration, then you certainly need to do some preparation. It's also better to be prepared with a set of old towels and handy personal wipes just in case you need to do a bit of clean up.

Women may be scared by the prospect of a large penis entering their body through an opening that seems so tight: the good news is that most women can accommodate a much larger penis than they imagine is possible, and it certainly won't hurt if you're doing it correctly.

Pain during anal sex is probably most often caused by two people who don't really know how to engage safely in anal pleasure. If you're mutually into the experience, willing to take it slowly, and on the same wavelength as your partner, then you will feel in control, and that will make the whole experience much more desirable.

Bear in mind that the pleasure is about stimulating nerve endings which don't usually see the light of day. For the man, there's the fabulous sensation of his prostate being stimulated, and for the woman there's the exciting prospect of a whole bunch of hypersensitive nerves adding to the pleasure of clitoral stimulation to produce a massive orgasm.

Safety first!

But let's focus on safety first: the first thing you need to do is make sure that there are no sexually transmitted infections affecting you or your partner. This is a matter of personal responsibility, where you really do have to look after yourself, and communicate honestly and openly with your partner about things that might make anal sex dangerous for each of you. Clearly, the best way to be sure that you're not going to pass on an infection is to use strong condoms.

If you're into finger play, you can use latex gloves, which, with the right amount of water based lubricant, can provide massive slippery fun for all. But do remember that you're not going to transfer anything, be it a penis or fingers or toy, from the penis to vagina without washing it first.

So what about hygiene? Well, you can wash all around the anus - and that's certainly a good start. The question is: do you need to have an enema before anal sex? The answer actually is "no", although knowing you are clean can help you relax. The truth is that if you have been for a bowel movement before you enjoy anal sex, you're probably fine. Even so, if enemas turn you on, then why not?


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