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Anal Sex

Anal sex may appeal to you for lots of reasons. For example, it may just be a sexy game, an exciting and arousing experience to enjoy the "naughtiness" of exploring a part of the body that is normally taboo. Or it may be that you find anal sex arousing because it introduces new excitement and thrills into your sex life.

You may want to find a new way to please your female partner during sex. Of course, many men find the sexual attraction of the female bottom incredibly powerful, and this sexual signal and the "secret" nature of the anus can be just as arousing as the vagina to some men.

There's a physical aspect to this as well, of course, for the tightness of the anus is a source of sexual pleasure. Much of this information is explored in Jason Julius's work, Orgasm Arts, which is also known as the Female Orgasm Blueprint. However you see it, it is a fine blueprint for men to take women to easy orgasm.

If you consider that the three things that make sex physically satisfying for a man are tightness, warmth and moistness, you can immediately see that two of these three elements are present in anal sex, and with the use of plenty of additional lubrication, there is the potential for very satisfying sex.

But in many ways it is a pointless exercise to ask why men and women find anal intercourse exciting.

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The Pleasure of Anal Sex

If you are a man or a woman who wishes to explore the possibilities of sexual pleasure from this part of the body, then why not go right ahead?

You see, you can manifest anything you wish in your relationship, including better sex and more excitement and joy - just by using a few principles of manifestation and understanding the law of attraction better. The law of attraction is a universal law which will allow you to get whatever it is you want in life by simply using a few simple principles of natural psychology. You can read about it here.

But do remember that the best way to enjoy all sex is to adopt a light hearted and playful approach, and see where that takes you. There should be no recriminations if either or both of you finds that the whole thing is unacceptable, and you therefore prefer to leave anal sex to others!

The sexual positions which you can use for anal sex are very similar to those which you can use for normal sex: indeed, the techniques that make anal sex successful are more about achieving easy penetration, overcoming inhibitions (around cleanliness, for example), and relaxing to accept the new sensations which anal sex provides.

Depending on which survey you read, about two thirds of couple have tried anal sex. However, the truth seems to be rather different, for when you ask couples in the general population (i.e. not readers of the websites in which sex surveys appear) rather fewer than twenty percent of us are anal aficionados.

That's still a lot of sexy couples playing with back door pleasure, of course, but there's no reason why the number of people trying anal action should have any effect on your decision about whether to incorporate it into your sex life!

However, there may be conflict if you want to try it and your partner doesn't....what do you do then, to fulfil your wishes and to respect their desires? The first option, of course is to discuss it with them.

If your partner doesn't like the sound of anal sex, and seems totally unwilling to try it, you can discuss with them what their objections might be, and explain to them what it is about anal sex that appeals to you.

**Note: if you're a guy who has trouble reaching climax (a condition known as delayed ejaculation) then anal intercourse is one possible way of getting more stimulation and reaching orgasm and ejaculating more easily. Of course, whether you find it so exciting that it makes you more aroused and able to ejaculate during lovemaking depends on your sexual preferences! Find out the causes of this condition here.

high arousal from anal intercoruse may overcome ejaculation delay

Such a discussion can often lead to new insights and understanding of each other's position and sexual attitudes, which will help your relationship more generally anyway.

We've already mentioned why men might like anal sex, but the reasons that a woman could enjoy it may be less obvious. The answer lies in all the nerve endings which surround the anus - it is, in fact, a highly erotic area, and the potential for sexual pleasure is considerable.

Both men and women have nerve networks which surround the anal area and connect with nerves from the highly sensitive prostate and penis in men, and the clitoris and vagina in women.  

Having said that, it's not usual for a woman to reach orgasm through anal stimulation, but this can happen. Most women who are open to the experience will at least feel pleasure from the stimulation of this sensitive area, but it may need a few tries before the pleasure overcomes the apprehension or the inhibition that we associate with touching the anal area.

There is also the excitement of being penetrated, which can be a powerful erotic stimulus for a woman - and indeed for her lover, because men simply delight in penetration: we can assume for both sexes the act of penetration, be it vaginal or anal, is linked to some fundamental sexual pleasures.

By the way, anal sex may not be so good for you if you're a man with premature ejaculation. Basically, the tightness of the anus, compared to the vagina, means this tendency may be made even worse! For men who have the opposite problem - that of delayed ejaculation** - the inability to ejaculate during sex - advice is also available from the authors of this website.

Don't forget, either, that manifestation of better sex is something that will always be possible when you have a clear intention to change your sex life for the better - which, in this context, means more rewarding. Manifestation is not limited to material goods - it can also include the manifestation of better relationships and more positive emotions - which is what a more positive sex life will always produce.

Tips for better anal sex

Don't think penetration is essential

True enough, but possibly hard to believe, the fact is you don't need to insert your penis or fingers up inside a girl or guy's rectum to get the pleasurable sensations that make people crave anal sex. And although some guys might find this hard to cope with, a woman receiving anal sex, doesn't need to have his cock deep inside her either!

The truth is, by simply rubbing her anus or even licking it (known as analingus or rimming), the person receiving may get immense pleasure and some great sensations.

What Do Women Think About Anal Sex?

Make it feel good all the time

Many women say their first anal sex experience (and the ones after this!) hurt like hell, but seriously, ladies, it can be great. Here's how: fist off, the woman needs to be relaxed. If she isn't, anal sex may hurt. And if the bloke wants to shove his cock into her, hard and deep, it's going to hurt. You need to use a suitable lube for anal intercourse around, that may well hurt too!

You need to discuss these things, and agree how to enjoy anal sex - neither partner should feel coerced into having anal sex. The man needs to slow down, let his partner feel the way, let her hold his penis and guide him into her body slowly.

Once you're sure you're both relaxed and she's open to the idea, the man can enter her about an inch, before pulling his cock out completely, and then going back in - this time about an inch farther - before pulling out once more. Using this slow and sure technique, pretty soon he'll be in. If you would like more information and advice on ways to increase sexual pleasure, check out the link.

What Are The Problems?

Watch the above video and you'll see most of the problems are the ones we know well - pain, a big penis, lots of lube required, lack of emotional pressure from the man, take it slowly, distaste around the idea, lack of enjoyment, lack of appeal.

The simple truth is that this is a pleasure for men more than women, and that lots of women do it only because they want to please their man. In general, there seems to be a lot of fear around it, and also at the same time a level of hesitant expectancy about the possible pleasures which it might provide.

We know all that, but one of the less well known problems develops when you've go used to the idea and you are doing it on a regular basis. That is premature ejaculation - because the tightness of the anus stimulates the penis so much that a man may not be able to control himself.

I guess women may sometimes be envious of the success which men have in achieving ejaculation during intercourse! Fear not - because women can match them squirt for squirt! All you have to know is some basic information about squirting by women, also called female ejaculation or gushing or squirting, which you can garner here.

Understand the anatomy of the  2 sphincters

Anal sex is exciting sex, and it may help to overcome delayed ejaculationThere are two rings of muscles in the anus, one external, one deeper - you can feel them if you put your finger inside the anal canal about an inch deep and then press against the side of the canal. They are less than an inch apart.

And while the woman may control the external sphincter, she has little control over the deeper one, which has to relax unconsciously - it is a reflex contraction so that even when a woman says she is relaxed and willing, her internal anal sphincter muscle may determine otherwise.

You need to be patient and allow your partner's mind and body plenty of time to relax.

Stimulate the anal region while you enter her

Touching the anus or rectum may feel uncomfortable for either partner, but when you do it at the same time as vaginal penetration or oral sex, it'll feel much better.

For example, while you're making love vaginally, you can use a dildo a sex toy in your girlfriend's anus to give her the sensation of double penetration and of course she can insert a sex toy into the man's anus as he penetrates her or she's doing oral sex on him. It's up to you to decide what you'd like to try. Note: anal stimulation has been proposed as a cure for delayed ejaculation, because it provides a whole load more stimulation.

That suggests - though we have no evidence to back this up - that a man who comes too soon may find that he needs to learn how to last longer in bed before trying anal antics - or he may end up coming even quicker than he does already!

Change your diet

For a pleasurable - i.e. shitless - anal sex experience, eat a diet rich in fiber, vegetables and fruit rather than processed foods.

This means you will have a more or less empty rectum, and with a gentle douche, you can be both comfortable and confident when enjoying anal sex.

Adult film stars who have anal sex always use a douche beforehand to ensure everything is clean.

Watch out for changes to your sexual routine

The tightness of the anus may mean that men are more stimulated and come more quickly - which may be good for men with ejaculatory problems like retarded ejaculation: the extra stimulation can be very helpful in taking a man higher and faster towards the point of no return, so helping him to reach orgasm quickly. However, for men with premature ejaculation, the reverse may be true!

It all depends on your individual sexual responses. If you are looking to overcome delays in reaching orgasm this may be very helpful. But be 100% sure you are treating genuine delayed ejaculation before commencing treatment.

Obey the rules of hygiene

There's a reason why women have to wipe their bottoms from front to back - shit may cause vaginal infection. So, when your penis or fingers have been in or on her anus, you must not put them in the vagina unless you discard the condom you used for anal sex and use a new one for vaginal entry. Again, if you use the visualization techniques so beloved of the experts who write about manifestation and the law of attraction, you may find you are likely to be more successful.

Wash your fingers and hands before you use them on her vagina. In short, go from the vagina to the anus, but not from anus to vagina.

By following these tips, anal sex can be fun and safe. You need to be comfortable in both mind and body, so if she's squeamish, find out why. Make sure you communicate about your desires and wishes - this always brings you closer and enhances your sex life.

Keep in mind - especially with a new partner - anal sex can spread STDs, so use condoms and latex barriers in anal sex unless you're in a long term monogamous relationship and / or you've both been tested for STD and HIV.

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